Longcoats Eden Men's Lightweight Long Raincoat With Hood NEW FOR 2022


Our finest, lightweight rain-coat for protection from wind and rain. Premium materials and features will keep you dry head to toe. In stock, unless we say otherwise.

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My email to the manufacturer after receiving the new coats

Just received my sample long waterproof coats sent to my house from our warehouse

Really, really beautifully done. Very happy indeed. I have just tried the Eden coat in a Large and it fitted me perfectly. It looks wonderful on, has a perfect shape and length. I like the feel of the material - very nice to the touch and I was surprised how good the material felt to the touch for this price point. I like the fact that you use poppers on the sleeves and not a slab of coarse velcro. The inside of the coat is beautifully made and we get two pockets as well. The outer pockets are zipped and I am very pleased at this. The brown is a gorgeous chocolate brown and the other colours are well chosen by you guys and girls. I stuck my arm under the tap and it was like water off a duck's back. Proper testing as soon as it lashes down but I expect the usual satisfaction. This long coat goes all the way down over the boots :-)

Really great coat. Well done everybody! Very happy to sell this beautiful product.

Kind regards,
Julian (owner)

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waterproof test

We are pretty obsessed with staying dry. As well as using our coats all year round, in all weather conditions, we test them in a variety of ways - including a fairly intense hosepipe test. Even after a full five minutes of hosing the coats remain completely dry inside.

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outdoor activities in the rain.


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