Baleno Livingstone Men's Long 4-Season Waterproof Coat With Hood

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Outdoor Theatre/Music

Horse Riding

The very reason I started this company was when I found this coat and you can read the full story here.

The Livingstone long coat is based on the classic full-length Drover's coat - updated with the latest comfortable, hard-wearing, breathable, waterproof materials. If you experience British weather and have to go out in it, whether you like it or not, then you need a Livingstone coat. We took the Livingstone coat out in storms Dennis and Ciara and stayed dry from tip to toe.

The Livingstone is the ideal long coat for walking the dog, no faffing around with over-trousers. Spending time around horses? The Livingstone will keep you dry and is hard wearing enough for those yard duties. The coat opens at the rear via a series of press studs for riding should you desire.

The material the Livingstone is made from is soft to the touch. The coat has a moleskin-lined collar and is fully-lined internally.

Once you have owned a long coat you will never look back. You go out in the wind and the rain and you stay dry - that's it.

I spent 5-years and far too much money trying to find the perfect full-length raincoat. I eventually found perfection with a brand called Baleno. Following my search, I started this website.

I am so confident you will be happy with your Baleno full-length coat I offer a "28-day full refund even if worn guarantee". Julian Patrick, Managing Director.





Size Height Chest Waist
XS 158-176 80-88 68-76
S 164-182 88-96 76-84
M 164-183 96-104 84-92
L 170-188 104-112 92-100
XL 170-189 112-120 100-108
XXL 176-194 120-128 108-116
3XL 176-195 128-136 116-124

Handy tip: I ordered my first Baleno from abroad as it was £20 cheaper. I did not even realise I was buying from abroad and was fooled by a small Union Jack! This turned out not to be such a great idea. The site suggested 7-8 days for delivery and this turned out to be around 20 days. And then i needed to change it for a new size as it came up small for me. So another couple of weeks to get it back and and more to get the next size up. Not only that, I lost more than £20 having to pay cross-border return costs. The whole adventure was around six weeks and was rather stressful.

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Can I wash my coat and will it stay waterproof? The honest answer courtesy of Thomas from Baleno!?

"Yes, if the care instructions are followed. The care label can be found on the left lower inside of the coat. NO fabric softener and NO tumble drying as they can dissolve the taping and dry out the laminations. The lamination will become brittle and porous and will start leaking.

Same story with other taped and laminated coats all over the world.

Best is to brush dirt off rather than washing the coat.

People are much too-clean you know. It’s all in the head.

We never wash our dogs with soap, yet their fur is healthy, shiny and not smelly.

But they love a good brush from time to time".

Well said Thomas!

Customer Reviews

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Best coat for rainy days

Used my new Baleno Livingstone coat for the first time recently during a 2 hour walk in constant rain. I stayed dry and warm from top to toe. Can't say the same for the dog but the coat performed perfectly, looks great too.

It’s raining .... fantastic I can keep dry with ease 😃

Superb coat that keeps you dry with ease .... no more putting loads of layers on to stay dry! Is this the answer to taking the dogs for a walk when it’s raining in the UK? ..... I think so 😀

Great coat

Wish I’d had this coat 30 years ago after watching rugby in the wind and rain always cold and wet this would have sorted the problem 👍

New coat day

Fantastic new coat ..... did all the research sometimes a bit sceptical about reviews but this new is absolutely brilliant does exactly what the seller says .
Can highly recommend even bought the zip in fleece liner to add to the comfort in winter .


Great coat