Free coat giveaway

Do you work for, own or know of an organisation that looks after horses or dogs in need? Or maybe you have a business that works with animals?

Every month, for a year, we will sponsor one person with a free Baleno long raincoat.

What do you have to do? Just send us an email. Tell us why a coat is deserved. Worth a try? The first two coats went to the only two people who asked by the way! Two people asked and two people got coats.


Coat 1: despatched July 2020

Our first coat goes to these lovely people. A Blue Baleno Kensington. Perfect for walking all those lovely dogs they look after.

"We rescue animals of all types, some waiting destruction in Welsh Pounds, others handed in to us for whatever reason, good or bad.

We provide medical care, food, shelter and love for them all and ultimately find them loving homes. If for any reason, things do not work out, we always take them back".

Coat 2: despatched 1st August 2020

A free coat is on its way to Richard who often walks dogs six hours a day. Richard is a member of the Professional Dog Walker's Association (we never knew such a thing existed).

Enjoy your Baleno Livingstone Richard.

Coat 3: despatched 11th September 2020

“This month’s free coat goes to Claire Smith, a vet who has, according to one of her customers, worked tirelessly through lockdown to help animals in need and distress. Claire, we really hope you enjoy your lovely new coat.”

Coat 4: despatched October 2020

Hello I’m Dawn, the owner of Laws Paws which is a five star licensed home from home boarding, daycare, walking and pet care service business. Like a lot of other self employed people I have been severely hit with the Covid 19 virus but I am still working and rebuilding my clients. I have helped key workers throughout with walks and daycare and will carry on doing that come rain or shine. I have lovely waterproof coats for the dogs and would so love one that keeps me warm and dry. Dogs need walked regardless of the weather so I would like to be considered for the free long coat giveaway.

Coat 5: despatched November 2020

Awarded as first prize in a photography competition organised by Love Your Lens (Chester). The theme was "rainy days" and the winning photograph is shown to the right. Winning photo by Debbie French.

No requests for a free coat to a deserving animal lover so we sponsored this competition :-)

Coat 6: December 2020 (details shortly)

100% waterproof

All coats are suitable for general

outdoor activities in the rain.


We strive to hold good stock in all colours and sizes.


Free delivery on all coats and despatched next working day.

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