baleno oxford and newbury new models just arrived!


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About Us

Hi from Julian & Teresa,

This is our website and our strapline is "Just add Boots". We live in Cornwall with Reg the dog and Bear the cat who pretend they don't like each other. Teresa also has a horse, an Irish grey. And so, whether we like it or not, we are often out in the rain (except the cat who would rather not indulge).

You can read Julian's "search for the perfect long coat" post to find out more about coats and rain.

Although we live in Cornwall our warehouse is in North Wales, with despatches and returns handled by Arran. We all answer the phones though so it's just pot luck who you get :-)

The Longcoats Trading Co. launched March 2020, so is very new for us.

Please don't worry about us being newbies though, our other website is (selling wood burning stoves, another passion for us) and you can check out all our reviews for this website here. Stovefitter's has been operating since 2013 and we have now sold thousands of stoves all over the UK.

Thank you for looking at our website :-)

Julian, Teresa, Arran, Reg, Sian, Bear,

01492 535 852



New products for 2021:

Baleno Newbury: mens lightweight long-raincoat

Baleno Oxford: ladies lightweight long-raincoat