Adventures in long coats

Adventures are not guaranteed but are usual. Imagination helps.

The moment you slip on your long coat your world changes: you walk a couple of inches taller.

Long-coated you stride from your lair. Feral youngsters scatter before you, slinking into the shadows. Cats you don't know may hiss and lower to the floor.

"Longcoats" see the world differently. Suited and booted we experience a yearning to explore, a desire for romance, or even, dare we say it, a long-repressed and reckless urge to embrace danger.

That village you have never visited, with the mysterious tower, unearthly bell tone and no obvious doorway - just has to be explored.

Those woods you know so well? Previously inert they now sway with the wind, moaning as they stretch their slender fingers skywards: Dobby's Wood transforms into The Unexplored Forest of Nania, home to the mysterious, clawed Soul-Snatchers.

Luckily, as ever, you are with hound. Your beloved poodle, Biggles, is now "Baskerville" feared Beast of >insert your village here< your magical companion and faithful protector.

Cows in the field? Mysterious beings that, should you look into their big, black watery-eyes, will turn you into whatever creature you last saw at the zoo.

It's not just a long coat - it's a Cloak of Divine Protection. It's not a stick but a "Widowmaker" Ebonite Dagger. Dog-lead? Black Death Whip made of finest Dragon gut.

Life's too short to be normal. Join the Longcoats

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