Longcoats Breathable 'Newlyn' Men's Long Raincoat with Hood


Completely waterproof material (not just a coating that wears off so never needs reproofing). Stay dry or your money back (40 days to trial).

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Audra Wilks
Long hooded rain coat

Lovely coat and a much appreciated gift. Did order the wrong size but sending back and changing for a different size was easy.

paul Moody
The best

I have been after a good long coat for ages.
I bought this coat as it shone above the rest, I wasn't wrong this is the best long coat ever and have used it now several times and even in the snow...well not a lot of snow but lots of ice and rain and would highly recommend to anyone who wants a good quality long coat 5 stars all the day long...

Rory Burnett
Initial thoughts

Quick and efficient delivery set the scene for a great experience. The quality of the coat was evident from when I first opened the package. Great materials and design, in a well fitting long coat led me to believe I was on to a winner. Which to date has been the case, a few short ish dog walks in light to medium rain confirmed this coat is easy wearing and not too fussy about the legs. Yesterday, heavy constant rain and strong South Westerly wind put it to the test. No flapping about around the legs and a good length down past my gaiters saw to keeping the lower body dry, top half was bone dry all day. I did notice some wicking or just water being blown a few inches up the inside of the cuffs.

Excellent product which I hope will be durable over time. So impressed my wife is now also the proud owner of a long coat.

Waterproof testing

I have sprayed all coats for over 5 minutes with a hose and all have remained dry. A better test is actually wearing the coats and I do this twice a day on my daily dog walks. Julian Patrick, Longcoats.

100% waterproof

All coats are suitable for general

outdoor activities in the rain.


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