Longcoats Demelza Women's Mid-Length Raincoat With Hood


Completely waterproof, breathable material (not just a coating that wears off so never needs reproofing).

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This coat is incredible! Beyond expectations! I found it by searching "long waterproof dog walking coat". But only is it perfect for dog walking (with an excellent design of hidden pockets), and 100% waterproof, it is also incredibly beautiful! Not exaggerating - - everywhere I go, people compliment my beautiful coat! My colleagues still repeatedly tell me how much they love my coat.
It is not warm, but fits very comfortably over layers, and true to size.
The details are lush, and the finish is phenomenal. Bravo to the founders of Long Coats!

Debbie Costigan
Demelza coat

I bought this coat for dog walking in the country side, I
Chose the brown colour so it doesn’t show the mud It’s extremely muddy where I walk !
I’m a size 8/10 and chose the 8 which is fine , but I would have liked to have tried the 10 so I had more room to put my dog stuff in the pockets but they had sold out of other sizes due to it being half price .
I’ve not worn it yet , so can’t say what the waterproofing is like , but I’m sure it will be fine judging by other reviews, if it’s really good I’m going to buy the long coat, which was what I really wanted in the first place ,but when I saw this coat (Demelza) I had to buy it as it was such a bargain price

Jan Forbes
Stylish & Effective

Absolutely love this coat .. as a dog walker i need clothing that is comfortable and fit for purpose and this coat is just that … recently purchased and straight out into the elements … rain rain rain … dry as a bone … exactly what i need … fit excellent with enough room for layers for those long winter days … excellent

waterproof test

I have sprayed all coats for over 5 minutes with a hose and all have remained dry. A better test is actually wearing the coats and I do this twice a day on my daily dog walks. Julian Patrick, Longcoats.

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